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Herman & Laura

Herman & Laura

Communication is our passion.

We also provide you with a service and this means putting ourselves in your shoes and providing you with a text that speaks your language.

This means:
• Providing top quality, fully revised texts which have been written and translated by dedicated and talented multilingual professionals who only work in and into their mother tongue.
• In recognition of their work, we give you the name of every translator, copywriter, reviser and graphic designer who worked on your project (nobody else in Belgium does this!).

We treat every text you give us like our own. We examine it in great detail for the smallest error or imperfection.

We treat our colleagues like we ourselves would like to be treated. We pay them a proper rate and we value their contribution to each and every project.

We do this because we believe that if colleagues are treated correctly, as professionals, they will deliver their best work.   

We write what you mean.


In 1995 I joined the press department of the main commercial TV station in Flanders, VTM, for a year. My newly acquired translation diploma came in handy for deciphering the many foreign videos which streamed through the station.
After my brief foray into the media industry, I became a project manager and worked for Belgian translation agencies for 15 years, an experience which was to teach me everything there is to know about the business. I liaised with clients around the world, handled often complex projects and learned how to use a range of software programs. When it was time to take the next step, I was ready.
This happened in 2011. I was now a freelance translator running my own successful company, Alta Verba. But translation was not to be my sole vocation. Belgian publisher Lannoo published my first book, then a second … and in April 2016 my seventh work was released.
In 2015, one of my books was published in Chinese. In November of the same year, Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) invited me to teach Dutch to a group of Chinese students who had chosen to study my native language. This was a great honour and a unique experience!


I graduated with a degree in translation from the Institut Libre Marie Haps in 2005. I went on to study for a master’s in multilingual corporate communications at Ghent University. As the only French-speaking student on the course, I took great delight in immersing myself in Flemish culture, while seizing this unique opportunity to further my knowledge of other areas including marketing, communications and commercial law.
I was then offered a job as a translator to a minister but opted to take part in the ‘Explort’ programme run by Awex, the Wallonia Export and Investment Agency. Following a course in international trade, I was lucky enough to spend several months in India developing the business of a Belgian biotech company. What a fabulous experience!
When I returned to Belgium I became a project manager, tasked with handling the day-to-day translation and interpreting jobs at several translation agencies. Before long I was being asked to revise texts and this soon became my full-time job. Clients, among them well-known multinationals, loved my work, and in no time I was revising the work of some 50 French translators. This is when I earned my nickname, Roberta, in reference to the famous French dictionary Le Robert.
In July 2014 I became a freelance translator and copy-editor and, less than 18 months later, I created Fontaine de Mots.

Our paths met through the Belgian Chamber of Translators and Interpreters in late 2015.

It immediately struck us that we had both followed a similar path – from project management to translation – which was not common in the translation world. We had a unique understanding of the industry as a whole and were used to managing complex projects with tight deadlines. Plus, we soon realized that we shared many of the necessary values and qualities (precision, flexibility, rigour, a passion for our profession and respect for our partners), so joining forces was a natural progression.
H&L saw the light of day on 22 February 2016.

Who are we? We are two language professionals with different mother tongues (Dutch and French) but a single vision: to serve clients with our innovative approach to translation and our eyes firmly on quality and transparency.

Backed by a network of trusted partners, we are the perfect combination to fulfil all your language needs.

Translation: Alison Hughes
Copy-editing: Patrick Lennon