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There are a number of good reasons why you should work with us:


You know who you are working with. We provide you with the full name of each specialist (copywriter, translator, copy-editor, etc.) working on your texts.
The benefits:

  • Consistency: we always assign your texts to the same expert(s)* so that the quality and style are consistent and you know they master your terminology.
  •  Expertise: your project is in the hands of professionals who know the subject matter.
  •  Quality: because they know they are recognized and valued, our experts deliver their very best work.
  •  Trust: we enjoy healthy working relationships built on trust.
 *Occasionally your appointed expert may not be available. What happens then? We contact another specialist and provide them with the documentation they need to ensure they too comply with your communications strategy.

When you start working with us, we suggest you compare the work of two or more of our partners (translators, copywriters, etc.) and provide us with a list of suppliers, in order of preference, who meet your style and quality criteria. We will always do our best to pass your project onto your preferred supplier but if for any reason they are not available, we will contact the next person on your list.


YOU are our priority.
The benefits:

  • Integrity: quality is paramount. We never work with low-cost partners to maximize our profits. We refuse to compromise your project. Your corporate communications are important to us so we only use professionals we respect. We pay them a fair price for their work.
  • Convenience: requesting quotes from several suppliers is both inconvenient and time-consuming. We can handle your projects from beginning to end, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business.
  • Security: we only ever send documents via email. We do not use platforms where IT problems could cause delays.
  • Personal service: we will get to know your company and do everything within our power to meet your business needs. You will be assigned a single point of contact (Herman or Laura, depending on your mother tongue). We believe this is the best possible way to build a lasting relationship.
  • Availability: should one of us be absent, the other will be there to handle your request. For urgent requests, we can be contacted outside office hours.
  • Efficiency: we have both worked as project managers and are used to handling multiple complex projects at the same time.
  • Price: we offer a quality service at the market price and in doing so can guarantee our partners a fair price and the best possible working conditions.
  • The H&L touch: we will always inform you if we suspect we have found an error or typo in the original text. Your texts are important to us and we want them to make the right impact.


We take great care of your projects.
The benefits:

  • Confidentiality: your documents are in safe hands. Access to them will be restricted to the few professionals who are working on your project. All our partners have signed a non-disclosure agreement. You have the added security that most are members of recognized industry associations and are bound by the industry’s code of conduct.
  • Responsibility: we will only assign your projects to subject specialists. We never compromise on quality so, exceptionally, our only option may be to decline a job. It is against our principles, for example, to split a document among several translators to scramble together a translation to meet a deadline that is too tight.
  • Punctuality: we always agree a delivery date and deliver on time.
  • Tools: when appropriate, we use a range of tools and software to guarantee consistency of terminology, optimal audio quality and other productivity-enhancing benefits.
  • Trustworthy: we never use machine translation, such as Google Translate, for two very good reasons: quality and confidentiality. We only work with professional partners who share this policy and always deliver carefully crafted, top-quality translations.

Translation: Alison Hughes
Copy-editing: Patrick Lennon