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We offer a comprehensive range of top-quality services to meet all your communication needs.
You choose the ones you need!

In line with industry practice, we and our partners only translate into, and write in, our mother tongue.

The H&L touch:
Transparency: with H&L, you know who you are working with! Our partners deserve recognition for their work so we provide you with the full names of all the professionals who worked on your project.
Consistency is important to us! We only work with specialists and do our utmost to provide you with the same team every time.
Selection: we would love to work with you on a long-term basis so we suggest you compare the work of two or more of our carefully vetted suppliers so that, if your appointed translator is not available, you will have a tried and tested alternative.

Further information is available on our ‘Benefits?’ page.

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Our main activities:


Translation is our core business. We each work in our own specialist areas.
But if you need a translation in other language combinations or areas outside our expertise we have a vast network of carefully vetted specialist freelance translators and copy-editors. And of course we pay them a fair rate for the top-quality work they deliver.
Every translation is carefully checked by a second translator to guarantee optimum quality.
Translation + copy-editing by a second translator: €0.18 excl. VAT/source word*.
* For translation from EN, NL > FR and EN, FR > NL only.
For other languages (EN, DE, ES), contact us for a quote.

Minimum charge: €60 excl. VAT.

We apply a supplement for urgent texts, certain formats (PDF, for example) and other non-standard work. We always notify you beforehand.

Monolingual editing

Do you want to ensure your text is well written and free from typos and grammatical errors? One of our specialists can copy-edit your document.
Unlike comparative editing, the text will not be checked against a source text but treated as a stand-alone document.
This is a great way to ensure that your website copy is flawless and free from grammatical or spelling errors.
Monolingual editing in French or Dutch: €60/hour excl. VAT.
For other languages (EN, DE, ES), contact us for a quote.

Comparative editing

In this case the copy-editor will compare your translation to the original source text, sentence by sentence, to ensure it conveys the exact meaning and uses the right terminology. They will correct any grammar and spelling errors, fine-tune the style and generally polish the text.
This is a very detailed edit which is carried out by a second professional. In the industry we say that four eyes are better than two.
Comparative editing is automatically included in all our translation quotes. We also offer it as a stand-alone service should you wish us to assess or improve texts which have not been translated by H&L.
Comparative editing in French or Dutch: €60/hour excl. VAT.
For other languages (EN, DE, ES), contact us for a quote.

Our extra services (only if you also need a translation and revision):


Do you have some great products and services to promote but lack the time to write the copy for your brochure? Or perhaps you just can’t find an elegant, convincing way of expressing all your thoughts? Maybe you are looking for easy-to-read website copy with excellent SEO optimization?
Copywriting is a profession. Writing well is an art. Our copywriters will find the right tone and the exact words to take your message to your target audience.
Rates: hourly rate (request a quote

Desktop publishing (DTP)

If we translated your brochure, leaflet or manual, why look elsewhere for a DTP service? For your convenience, we have included a number of experienced graphic designers on our team. Why not let these talented, creative professionals produce a beautiful document that is printer-ready in the time it takes to look for another supplier? In fact, we can save you even more time by organizing the printing too!
Rates: on demand.


Business films and audio guides are very much in vogue. Many companies are using them to boost their sales and reach a multilingual clientele. With a great script you are halfway there but you also need a talented voice-over artist to bring your script to life. You need a professional who can read your text in their mother tongue, using the correct intonation.
But where will you find your perfect ‘voice’? At H&L, of course!

Rates: on demand.

Translation: Alison Hughes
Copy-editing: Patrick Lennon